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IT'S NOT PERSONAL,Guest, Joel Young

If you've ever felt rage stirring inside of you and were so overwhelmed that you didn't know what to do, you'll find the answer in this show. Just 6 little lines called the NPA Process creates calm, heals, overcomes irritating experiences, impatience and a myriad of other life challenges that you might find yourself in. Anyone who says these 6 sentences will quickly become centered and at peace. Dr. Shirlene welcomes Joel Young to Ascended Masters At Work. Listen in as Joel tells his story and how he received the gift of the NPA Process. Even coaches, therapists, and psychologists can use this process on their clients to get immediate results of calm and centeredness.Dr. Shirlene Reeves, your host, features Joel YoungSHOW HIGHLIGHTSGet the 6 lines that will change your futureFind out why "it's not personal" even though we think it isA beautifully simply way to let go of our blocksFind out why people are experiencing huge shifts of consciousnessDiscover how the NPA Process can be used by coaches for ease of treatmentJoel Young's Gift to Our Listeners: the 6 easy NPA Process lines FREE and try it on yourself. Then try it on your clients. You'll be pleasantly surprisedat how wonderfully it works with other modalities. www.JoelYoungNPA.comJoin Us On Social MediaAscended Masters Facebook Fan Page: Masters Home Page:

Ascended Masters At Work with Shirlene Reeves,Guest, Leslie Juvin-Acker

Show SummaryLeslie Juvin-Acker joins host Shirlene Reeves to discuss a different perspective toward a woman's understanding of how to make money work. You'll discover why your perceived value and what you charge is worth so much more than you think. Entrepreneurs get new insights on business and how to enhance your understanding of money.Show HighlightsDiscover your first thought when you hear the word moneyFind out why most hearlers think it's unethical to charge money for their servicesLearn how money and your purpose flow together to assist with developing your businessFind out what your clients are thinking when it comes to the rates you chargeThe secret to getting on the Money Formula Freedom TrainLeslie's Gift To My Listeners: Download the Happiness Decks app FREE on Apple Store/Google Play Us On Social MediaAscended Masters Facebook Fan Page: Masters Home Page:, #Coaches, #Healers, #entrepreneurs, #SellingThroughYourHeart, Shirlene Reeves, #Business, #Sales, #MaximizeYourWealthNow, #speaking, #authors, #stages, #keynote, #TedTalks, #podcasts, #media, #AscendedMastersAtWork, Leslie Juvin-Acker, #moneu

Ascended Masters at Work with Shirlene Reeves, Guest, Brian Smith

SummaryIf you have a pair of Ugg boots sitting in your closet or on your feet right now you can't help but wonder who brought them to your attention and what mistakes and growth that were learned along the way. Brian Smith, the guest on this show is launching his new book The Birth Of A Brand in an effort to support entrepreneurs in getting further along on their path. On this show I bring you the real story behind the story. I know you're going to love it.Host Shirlene Reeves features Brian SmithShow HighlightsGet the secret formula for successful brand marketingFind out how Uggs got started 40 years agoDiscover how they became a fashion statement & who wore them first in the U.S.Find out what timing makes an impact on your product launchThe importance of knowing your target market "You don't have to know the end result when you start out." Brian SmithGet Brian's book: The Birth Of A Brand on Amazon Through Your Heart on Amazon: Us On Social MediaAscended Masters Facebook Fan Page: Masters Home Page:

Ascended Masters at Work with Shirlene Reeves

Discover the 3 easy steps to receiving messages, from your other self, that make a vast difference in your life today. When you hear Shirlene's message you'll say to yourself, "Is that all I have to do? I could have done this years ago if I'd known how. For sure I could have avoided making so many mistakes." Learn these 3 steps and you'll be free to live in harmony.Show HighlightsChange today the outlook of your future quickly and easilyLearn 3 Steps to working with your personal guidance systemStop making disastrous decisions that create years of painDiscover how to build trust and take action with certainty in your personal guidance systemShirlene's gift: Download her book, Selling Through Your Heart, for FREE right now. Teaching From Shirlene Reeves & Her GuidesHello my fellow master's. I'm really excited that you're back with me this week. I've been experiencing some very deep meditation. I've been given some thoughts about what I should share with you and you're actually going to receive a series from us. I think you'll find it very enlightening.What I'm talking about is, are you awake enough to answer some very important questions? These questions will ultimately change the course of your life into peace, harmony, abundance, and freedom. And in everything I read, all text seems to center around those experiences of peace, harmony, abundance and freedom. And we hear it over and over and over again, but we really don't think much about it. Have you ever noticed that?You know, we come to earth with great plans and purpose. Purpose is so important for why we are here. One of those questions is, what is your purpose? Why are you here on earth? What is the reason that you walk Earth right now at this time? You know, millions of people have been here and left and we haven't received millions of gifts from those people who came. So what is the gift that you have to give people here on earth? What will you leave behind? And the biggest question is how will you contribute or did you contribute already and are you in the process of contributing the next thing?You see, what happens is our purpose evolves over time as we have more experience here in Earth school and as we grow older. So perhaps the purpose that we had in the very beginning when we came to earth, maybe in our teens or twenties, isn't at all the same as what it is today. Have you noticed that? Or maybe we aren't even thinking about our purpose.There's so many that come to me as entrepreneurs and I coach them and the first thing I say to them is, "What is your purpose? What are you meant to teach while you are here on earth?" Do you know that the majority of them say to me, "I don't know what my purpose is. I've never really thought about that. I just know I want to help people." Or, "I just know that I am meant to be a nurse, but I don't really know what I'm going to leave behind or what my purpose is."The reason that you probably may not have thought of it is that we live in a material world and we come in with the best of intentions, but we focus only on doing, doing, doing. Have you noticed that? We're always doing. We can never sit still. We have to be entertained every minute and if we aren't being entertained by TV or reading or we have to just get out, we have to get out of the house and we can't just sit with who we are. Then we're all about the practice of doing and not being.Being means that we practice following the urgings of our other self leading to a practice of wellbeing and peace. That's how you create harmony, is by listening to that little voice in the back of your head. But how, you might be asking, how do I do it? Life is so hectic. I have to earn money to support my family. There is no time. So there it is. To be honest with you, it's all about time because time, as you know, stops for no one and this is one of our greatest fears. We all know time leads toward our ultimate demise, don't we? We'll talk about the fear of time in depth in another segment and you'll learn how to manage those fears, diffuse anger and connect for guidance.So let's go back to the question of how we can slow down and practice listening to the guidance of our 'other self'. I'm sure you've heard this before, but you didn't trust what you heard or simply blew it off because you weren't ready for it at the time. Or you forgot it while continuing on in your hypnotic rhythm of routine. If you've been listening to that little voice, it may have told you to turn right today instead of left, while sitting at a stoplight, to avoid an accident or excessive traffic. Have you ever heard that little voice come up in the back of your mind and you go, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." Well, I do it too and I also say, "I don't want to do that. I'm not ready to do something like that."But the voice is your higher self. Some people call it God. Some people call it the universe. Some people call it a message of Buddha or Jesus. It really doesn't matter what you call it. Napoleon Hill calls it your 'other self'. I call it Spirit. Call it what you will, but it's there, nagging you in the back of your mind. You know when it's there, because you can think of times in your life where it popped in and said, "Don't do this." But then we all have free will so we can do it if we want to, and we find out later. It might've been the biggest mistake we've ever made. It might've even taken us down the rabbit hole for three to five years at a time. Yep. You know that little voice in the back of your mind, and I'll tell you, my little voice gets louder and louder and louder the more I ignore it.In fact, it may tell you to move to a place you might never have considered before. You'd have to uproot everything that you knew in your life, your friends, your family.This has happened to me a number of times. I was living over on Maui for five years, training under Wayne Dyer and Ram das when I was told, no, you have to move back to the mainland and you'll go to northern California. So I did. I went back to the mainland and lived in Walnut Creek. Then my next command, after three years of building a community and relationships all up and down that corridor, I was told it was time for me to move to San Diego. And I thought, San Diego, all my friends are here, and when I told them they burst into tears. They just couldn't believe I was leaving the area. And I did move to San Diego because that was what my son kept asking me to do and I wanted to be closer to my son and my grandchildren. But when I said I was going to San Diego, I had already received a message that said I would only be there for two years so I shouldn't get comfortable and that I was to write my book.It took me exactly two years to publish my book, 'Selling Through Your Heart. As soon as that book was completed, I was told, "You'll be moving to San Felipe, Mexico." And when I got the message that I'd be leaving in two years I asked, "Then where am I going?" But there was no answer. It didn't come until the end of those two years. And then it exploded into my mind. I had to move from San Diego to San Felipe. Again, I was in such pain leaving all my friends. I'd already lost many of those who were in Northern California and I knew what was to come with these friends. And I loved being in that area because two thirds of the transformational leaders are there and so were my son and my grandchildren.But the sad part is I had an opportunity to really look at what was going on in my life, with my family at that time, and I was being left out of family excursions and only used to fill in for maybe absent nannies or 6:00 AM workouts that my daughter in law wanted to go to. I was really lonely. It seemed like I was always waiting to be included and never asked. And that if I couldn't do something for her, I wasn't worth her time. Then I got a message that said, "You're not needed here, but you are desperately needed in San Felipe. There you will feel loved and wanted."So at a dinner, I told my son I'm not needed here. I tried to explain that I wasn't included in the family outings and that I was just done waiting. I said that I'd given it two years and there wasn't much of a result. So I decided to move to San Felipe, come the following September, which was only a couple months away. My son's wife was furious. She became defensive, in her response, and that was over the noise of Benihana. It was so crowded there and since that time she has become angry because one piece of mail arrived at her address and I no longer feel welcome in their home. She's put restrictions on my one on one time with the children and ruined my relationship with my son. All because I wanted to move away.Today, I thank her for my freedom as there is no longer any expectation on my time. That's kind of a good feeling and there's a lot of people here that feel the exact same way. Through the process of meditation and forgiving her, I found that her angry outbursts really came as a result of her long, harbored anger toward her own mother, who was a drug addict that held a gun to her head. Understanding her pain perpetuates my knowing that the challenges we share together, she and I, have nothing to do with me. I can do nothing to make our relationship any better until she addresses her anger toward her own mother.I could see, in her mind, the pain and anger she harbored during our last experience while we were standing in the laundry room of all places. For 17 minutes she recanted, with reprimand, everything she thought I'd done wrong in the previous 10 years while my son sat idly by sayingnothing.Get the full transcript: with Shirlene Reeves on social mediaFB: Plus: Masters At Work Weekly Podcast: Teacher,Author, SpeakerWebsite:, #ShirleneReeves, #Author, #AscendedMastersAtWork, #MassiveVisibility, #Entrepreneur,#speaker, #stage, #Podcast, #Sales, #WomeninBusiness, #MastersSpeak, #MaximizeWealth, #Business, #purpose, #Lifejourney, #Speaker, #sales, #Spiritual, #Finance, #WeathMastery, #MediaTrainer

Ascended Masters at Work with Shirlene Reeves & Guest Davide Di Giorgio

Ep. 47
Listen in as a master of speaking teaches us how to construct a phenomenal TED Talk. Davide Di Giorgio is an UNapologetic Speaker, Author and TEDx Coach who works tirelessly to empower high achievers to discover, develop, and deliver powerful missions, messages and ideas worth spreading around the world. What Davide teaches is worth thousands of dollars and you'll hear it here for free.Show HighlightsGet the one warning Davide gives to all speakersFind out the best formula for TedX TalksLearn why it's not best to memorize your speechDiscover the secret to Beyonce's success and apply her formula for your successJoin Us On Social MediaAscended Masters Facebook Fan Page: Masters Home Page: TranscriptionShirlene:Welcome to the show, my friends. I'm so glad you're here with me and so grateful that you spend the time to listen to what I bring to you because you'll get so much out of it over time. Every one of these guests is stellar in their field of business and that's why it's so much fun for me to interview them and it's so much fun for you to learn and change your business, your life, your finances, and particularly your sales.Let's talk a little bit about speaking and getting your mission out there. What is it that you want to share with everybody in the world? I know that you have a message that's so important and many people, many entrepreneurs come to me and say, "I want to do a Ted talk. Have you done a Ted talk? I want to find out how to go about doing that." Or, "I want to know how to put a speech together. I can't quite figure out how to put the best speech together. And I seem to get all tangled up in my words." Or another thing they tell me is, "I'm just scared to death. I don't know if I can do a speech. I don't know if I could stand on a stage. I don't know if I can do it at all. I'm absolutely terrified." And let me tell you, I was in that space in my life. I used to be extremely shy. Can you believe that? I was so shy and I never knew what to say in front of a group. Have you ever had that experience? I would just turn inside out and then one day this cowboy, and I mean really a cowboy. He was an older guy. He came up to me and he said, "You know, I think you have a huge mission and I think you should begin to share it."And I thought, how does this guy even know me? He came out of nowhere and he says, I have a huge mission. How does he even know? I don't even know what my mission is yet. Because at that time I certainly didn't. And I said, "What makes you think I need to go to Toastmasters?" He says, "I can tell you've always been afraid to speak in front of a group." And I said, "That's absolutely true." He said, "When did that start in for you?" And I told him it started when I was a tiny little child and I had to dance on stage, as a snowman, and I couldn't remember the steps. And from that point on I was scared to death to be on stage. Have you ever had an experience like that? You were even speaking in a small group and somebody tore you down or didn't like what you had to say and then suddenly you realize, Oh, well maybe my opinion isn't worth while. Well we all have something important to say to those who resonate with us here on earth.And I think that if you go to Toastmasters, like I did, that's just a stepping stone. Let me tell you. I mean, you can stay in it forever and get leadership skills and all kinds of really wonderful things. It's a tremendous package for so very little and it gets you beyond those fears. It worked for me. So I'll suggest it to you and if you do go to Toastmasters, or start looking for a group, try two or three. Don't just go to one and join because you want to go to one that resonates with you or that is a group of people in your target market for your business, or maybe they're all working toward a common goal. And some speak Chinese and some speak Spanish and some are in corporations. If you want to work with your business in corporations, I'd suggest you go to a corporation that has a Toastmasters. Outsiders can do it as well as insiders. If you don't have any interest in a corporation, then don't go there. Go where you feel the most comfortable.But let's get back to our guest today. Our guest is all about TedX talks and Ted talks and teaching how to put yourself in the bright light. Now, this gentleman is really amazing. He is an unapologetic speaker, author, leadership, TedX, and influencer coach. He's the founder of Unapologetic Enterprises. Boy, don't you love that name? And the creator of the Speaker of Mastermind Experience At Sea. As a long time theater producer, educator, and visionary leader, he's been on a mission to empower high achievers to discover, develop, and deliver powerful missions. Exactly what I'm talking to you about today. He wants you to create a powerful message or an idea worth spreading around the world. His philanthropic endeavor, Project UNX, dares to tackle bullying and build confidence and self esteem while funding dream projects for high school performing arts students and teachers. This gentleman provides an unapologetic approach that has made him the go to creative expert for on purpose executives, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who want to become unstoppable global leaders. So let's welcome Davide Di Giorgio to the show. Davide, I am so excited to have you on the show because you have so much phenomenal information to share.Davide:Hello. I'm so thrilled to be here with you Shirlene. Thanks so much for the invite.Shirlene:Oh, you are certainly welcome. It's my pleasure. You are so good with speakers and getting them out there. What do you find is the biggest challenge that you have with those who do want to start speaking?Davide:Oh, that's a great question. The biggest challenge, I was having a conversation about this earlier today actually. People don't understand that if you want to actually speak, you have to speak. And the interesting part is to shift the mentality from this whole idea of public speaking to it's just speaking. You are being intentional as a speaker and you've arrived into this world as a speaker. And now when you've decided, okay, I want to speak from a stage, or I have a message that I want to share. It's just getting intentional about what you're saying and starting to package your thoughts in a way so that people respond and react the way that you want them to. Or so that you're delivering your vision to the world in a very specific way. So I think the thing that really stops people is that they don't, they don't realize that becoming a speaker isn't about sitting at your computer and trying to figure out what your keynote is going to look like or sitting and writing it out.Speaking is about going out there and speaking. And you know what, just like anything else in this world, it might not be so great when you start. And that's okay. But the more you start speaking, and even if you're speaking one on one, but in your mind you're like, okay, I'm going to be intentional with what I'm saying here and delivering an idea and a message. As you start speaking, things start to formulate and you start to realize how to deliver a message in a way that is very compelling. You pay attention to how people respond and react to you. And you start to repeat things that work and you get more confidence. And so really, like I said, the biggest thing that people don't do is they don't just go out and put themselves out there and just speak to networking events, small groups. Host a little event in your own home, even. Have some friends over and say, "Hey, I wanna, you know, I want to present something for 10, 15, 20 minutes even.Shirlene:That's a really good idea. Inviting people to your home because if you're trying it on. I love to talk to people about trying it on. Don't worry about making mistakes, but particularly if you invite people to your home and they happen to be your friends, then they'll give you some really positive feedback. Isn't that right?Davide:Absolutely. Now, here's the one warning that I give all speakers and especially when it's people who are closer to you, family and close friends. Be careful what you ask for. Feedback, when you ask people for feedback, just like that can be dangerous because everybody has an opinion. And oftentimes that opinion is not expert on speaking. However, if you ask people, look, I'm working on becoming a speaker and I want to be more intentional and I want to start sharing this message out there, here's what I want you to tell me after I'm done. What did you understand? What didn't you understand, or where did I lose you, and what would you love more of? And then what you're doing is giving your audience an opportunity to give feedback like, "Oh, I didn't get this part in your story or information. Could you explain a little bit more of that?" Which gives you information that maybe you need to add a little more. Or they'll say, "Oh, I love the part where you shared this story. I want to know more of the story." There you go. You got information about like, okay, I need to expand on that area. Right? So it's very specific feedback rather than I didn't get it, or I didn't really understand or I didn't like that, or I think you should like turn this way when you're speaking. All of that starts to get very subjective, right? But you want to be very clear with the kind of feedback that you're eliciting from your audiences.Shirlene:So it would almost be good to print out a little paper, that you hand to them, that asks those questions.Davide:Yes, absolutely. Just be very intentional with the kind of feedback that you want and reserve your expert feedback about the actual art and business of speaking for those who are experts on those topics.Shirlene:So Davide, what do you think is the best formula for putting your speech together? Because I've watched a lot of Tedx and you know some of it is so boring. So how do you get beyond that boring stage?Davide:It's so funny because even on the website for Ted itself, they warn against speaker coaches and people who are trying to sell a formula for what a great talk is. And on the website it says, "A great talk has a great beginning, a great middle and a great end. And you know, it seems almost trite to say that, but if you can commit to... So my background is in theater and performance and I really like the three act structure. Now there's ways to expand on that. But if you basically think, okay, I need a beginning which has to be compelling and hook the audience in, a middle, which is sort of the bulk of your information or the content or whatever it is that you're sharing and then you're ending again, has to be as compelling if not more compelling than your opening to really end on a high note. And when you just have a simple structure and you don't get lost in the weeds of all the content and all the ideas that you want to share. It makes it much more linear for the audience to follow.The other secret that I've discovered, with making a talk not boring is, and especially if we're talking with a Ted Style Ted worthy talk, you want to share one idea. So let me give you an example in popular music. Notice any song three, four, five minutes long. There's one idea and they usually repeat it over and over and over again in the chorus and the lyrics. I always like to joke. You know, Beyoncé is approaching billionaires status because she says a couple of things over and over and over again. And that really is the key.So what happens is speakers try to pack too much information into 10 minutes, 15 minutes, into 90 minutes, God help us. When you put less information in and you use, what I like to call the Beyoncé-ism of repetition, and you repeat ideas over and over again in different ways. People Latch on and it becomes much more interesting and exciting.Read more: BusinessOccupation: UNapologetic Speaker &, #Business, #TEDtalks, #SellingThroughYourHeart, #Podcast, #Entrepreneurs, #Leader, #DavideDiGiorgio, #Sales, #Podcast, #Toastmasters #Speakers, #Coaches, #Healers, #SellingThroughYourHeart, Shirlene Reeves, , #Sales, #MaximizeYourWealthNow, #MassiveVisibility, #getspeakinggigs, Key elements for speaking on stages, #speakertunity, #speaking, #authors, #stages, #keynote, #TedTalks, #podcasts, #media, #AscendedMastersAtWork

Dr John Demartini Speaks His Opinion

A message from Dr. John Demartini on his opinion of Selling Through Your Heart."I can say that the cornerstone of your book, the foundation and the edifice that it's bringing is a crucial component of the mastery of entrepreneurship, salesmanship and economic viability. So thank you." Dr. John Demartini Purchase the book at SellingThroughYourHeart.comSelling Through Your Heart, Empowering You To Build Relationships For Financial FreedomSPEECH TRANSCRIPTIONPatrick Snow: Amazing healer, amazing doctor, former chiropractor, author of many mega bestselling books. Let's welcome Dr. John Demartini to the stage. John I'm holding a microphone right under the phone so they can hear you loud and clear.Dr. Demartini:(Laughter) Good evening everyone, hi Shirlene, hi everyone.Audience:(Everyone answers) HiDr. Demartini: Welcome to the party. That sounds like a party there. First of all, congratulations Shirlene on your book, Selling Through Your Heart. Thank you. It's a great contribution to the world. And anyone who has the opportunity to devour this book will be blessed insights and inspiration. The vision that it contains will help people expand their business, expand their wealth, expand their hearts. The principles and methods that you've included in there are outstanding and there's no way that a person goes to that book without having insights elevate their achievements in life.I've been involved in personal development or human development or whatever you want to title it for the last 45 years and It's inspiring from across the pulpit because it talks about Integrity of the heart. So thank you for taking the time to do that. I've been teaching for years and anything that allows a person to be authentic, integral, to live by priority, to live congruently and inspired is going to transform the individual as well as the people they touch. Because if they are an exemplification they create a chain reaction like the block chain today. A network reaction that touches and ripples through society. So one book can make a difference and it's inspiring to see the book come out.So thank you for taking the time and sharing your 3 Step Sales Waltz™ or your insights on how to network and market and promote yourself and also reach out and touch us live and help people build wealth. Because I believe that people can build to live an extraordinary life and get rewarded financially for doing so. And so you have tips in there that can help a person with their financial destiny. So Thank you. And everybody who's there, in some way or another, have touched or is touched by your book.I've been touched you by your lovely interviews and also the network you brought into my life. So thank you for doing that. I don't have a specific presentation that I usually do to speak, but I can just say thank you and it's inspiring to be part of this special event.I'd say that whenever we exaggerate ourselves and we talk down to people carelessly, we assume and project what we think the world wants, and we don't meet the need. As so many entrepreneurs initiate their, entrepreneur ability from that status, then they wonder why they run into blocks. And sometimes we minimize ourselves out of insecurities, exaggerate them, and then negotiate away altruistically our profit margins. Either of these careless or careful walking on eggshell approaches block entrepreneurial identities. But when we speak from the heart we have caring, we have equanimity, we have equity. We have the sustainable financial transactions and economic business transactions that create an expansion and potential Internet growth.So your book emphasizes the heart and this is the key. If a person's not in their heart when they're doing their transactions and their heart when you're on a mission it can be revealed physiologically and psychologically. Energies can pert abate and disturb a creation of a great enterprise. So I can say that the cornerstone of your book, the foundation and the edifice that it's bringing is a crucial component of the mastery of entrepreneurship, salesmanship and economic viability. So thank you.All I can say is that the message in the book is inspiring and the people that will read it will be inspired. I don't know if anything you have something that you want to say to me, or asked me or share with me, but I just wanted to say that. So thank you for the contribution you've made Shirlene and all the twenty eight years you've put into your effort of making a difference in people's lives. It certainly has made a difference in mine.For the written transcription download here: with Shirlene Reeves on social mediaFB: Plus: Masters At Work Weekly Podcast: Business,LifestyleOccupation: Teacher, Author, SpeakerWebsite:, #ShirleneReeves, #AuthorEvent, #AscendedMastersAtWork, #MassiveVisibility, #Entrepreneur, #DrJohnDemartini #speaker #stage #Morgan'sRun #PatrickSnow #Sales #WomeninBusiness#MastersSpeak #MaximizeWealth #Booklaunch #DemartiniInstitute #Business #Finance

Ascended Masters at Work with Shirlene Reeves & Guest Maha Kury

You'll find this show fascinating. It's an in depth look at why Earth is experiencing volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and so many destructive patterns that cause chaos for humanity. You'll meet Maha Kury, a medium, that brings us answers for what we are witnessing and why. It seems as though every day there is something new and I think you'll be surprised when you hear what Maha's guides have to tell us about where we will be safe in the world.Shirlene Reeves, your host, features Maha Kury.SHOW HIGHLIGHTSFind out why a 7 figure income will kill youDiscover how to blend all that you do into one business with ShirleneGet the answers for why Earth is in ChaosLearn the importance of the part you play in supporting Mother EarthUnderstand the madness of building a new foundation for humanityThis week I’m sharing my gift: Take the Selling Through Your Heart QuizDiscover who you are as a sales person. Find out, do you sell or do you compel your clients to call you for assistance. In only 12 questions you’ll get an instant answer.Join Us On Social MediaAscended Masters Facebook Fan Page: Masters Home Page: For Earth’s Destructive ChaosShirlene:It's wonderful to be here with you today. I have some great news. I was doing my meditation the other day and Spirit said to me, "I think you should start teaching more about how people can work with each other and how they can do business together". And the other thing that they suggested is that I have a person who does channeling, once a month, that talks to us about what's going on in the economy or what's going on in the world and why we're experiencing these things. We've got volcanoes popping off. We have freezing rain on the big island. Who would think? I've never heard of such a thing and neither have the scientists. We have the strangest things going on. So I invited Maha Kury to come on the show and she's going to be talking to us once a month to let us know answers to the questions that you provide us. So I'm hoping that on our Facebook Page, Ascended Masters At Work, that you'll post the questions that you would like to learn about.But I digress back to sharing some information with you about this and overcoming our fears. "No one limits your growth but you." Says Tom Hopkins. "If you want to earn more, learn more. That means you'll work harder for a while, but that means you'll work longer for a while. But you'll be paid for your extra efforts with enhanced earnings down the road." One of the biggest challenges we have is overcoming sales fears. The fear and anxiety that surfaces around sales can absolutely paralyze and doom your business. And many entrepreneurs are afraid of sales, but instinctually believe that bringing their mission and their message to the world is why they are participating here in Earth School. They push themselves so hard that they become ill, overworked and physically hit bottom, no longer able to run. You know what I mean? Run. So many of them are flying hither and Yon and speaking everywhere they can get a speaking opportunity and they're getting sick. They're falling down. It's too difficult. Because someone has told them that they need to make a seven figure income and I'm going to give you a secret. You don't have to make a seven figure income. You can make a six figure income very happily and live very comfortably while still saving for the future. And there's other ways that you can save for the future too. You don't have to run yourself into the ground making a seven figure income. So don't let people tell you that or if you know of people that are making a seven figure income, sit down and have a chat with them. Find out how their health is doing today, how overworked they are, and how little time they have for their family.There are many people in business who have enough modalities, credentials, knowledge and experience to paper the walls. But they're searching for the answer to who they are and they have no idea how to blend everything that they know and do into just one business. Do you have that problem? So many entrepreneurs are experiencing that problem and the members of this group usually have searched for years and spent thousands of dollars looking for the answer to one most important question. With everything I know, how do I say what I do? Wow. That is a challenge. This one question is the platform for the next step in your business success. Without this answer, you will feel paralyzed with fear. After all, how can you sell what you do without the answer for who you are as a business?It's interesting because two clients recently came to me with one baseline question. "I know so much that I don't know where to begin. Every time someone asks me what I do, a wave of fear washes over me, and I don't know what to say." One client already spent over ten thousand dollars on her quest with absolutely no results. The other had been working with two coaches for six months, but she still hadn't found the answer. Both clients were about to give up when we started working together. It took no longer than two hours, of one on one work, to discover and create each one's business identity. And today they feel a sense of peace and excitement, while stepping forward confidently into positioning their business and interacting with potential clients.Two weeks ago, Swami Tirtha, the Orange Cowboy and I talked all about intuition and how to develop your intuition, how to listen to those messages and learn how to connect with spirit so that you can get the answers that you need for the guidance that you take into each day. He's listed here on the website, so check it out and I think you'll really enjoy listening to it because he gave us some really great information.Today we're going to talk to Maha Kury. I'm very excited about having her on the show because she has such in depth, medium ship. And I worked with her prior to putting her on the show because I wanted to find out just how connected she was and I think you'll be very, very surprised. Now, keep in mind before she begins that we had to take some time for her to get into her medium ship so that she could share the answers to the questions I'm about ask. And one of them is what I started the show off with. Why is there so much chaos going on earth?Now I want to tell you quickly that Maha Kury doesn't speak like this at all. As a medium she has an entirely different voice and she can't just jump right into delivering the messages from her spiritual team that she shares, so it does take some time for her to warm up and get connected. So just know that we have already taken that time together and I am recording this from the point of her spiritual team speaking to us now. So welcome Maha. I'm so glad that you're here. Thank you. And what a blessing.Maha:Greetings, beloved ones. We are very pleased. We thank you for this opportunity you are creating. We will answer your questions first if you wish.Shirlene:I have some very important questions from those in my listening audience. You understand what I do?Maha:Yes.Shirlene:My audience is wondering why the earth is erupting the way it is. Share with us what you believe is happening, please.Maha:The earth atmosphere is transitioning as humanity is transitioning. Eruptions of all kinds are coming your way. It is the releasing energetically of what needs to be released and it is showing up as a manifestation in the physical. The earth is transforming it's energies, in order to survive, because of humanities misuse of it. Much is happening from beyond your earth to sustain its existence. To sustain and evolve humanity, in a way, so it can survive. As you see in your humanity's eruptions, in this world you live in, chaos seems to prevail. Yes?Shirlene:Yes.Maha:But it is not necessarily the end result, chaos. Do you see? That result is transformation of the whole. But it has to be stirred up to bring it forth in the light. Otherwise it was dormant. Understand?Shirlene:For many years, dormant.Maha:Yes. The eruptions of the volcanoes will create energetic release. You see? To some it is catastrophic, but to earth's atmosphere it is revamping Earth's surface. You See? Energetically it is releasing, expanding, flowing and to humanity it seems disastrous but to Mother Earth it is the clarifying clearing. And yes, it will create havoc for you humans, but it is necessary to do all that is happening. In time the balance will reign. But before balance there has to be release. Before balance there has to be bringing out all that needs to be flushed, that needs to be released from the stature of what was.Shirlene:An example of what was.Maha:Imagine a pressure cooker in your world. It is pressuring to be released and free of the pressure that exists within it. Yes? The negativity of your world has been to long. Humanities mental, emotional state is dense. In order to save your earth, the earth has to evolve. And in order for it to do so, because humanity could not take care of it, Earth is taking care of itself. You see? And with the help of many outside your galaxy. To you it seems to be disastrous but Mother Earth is relieved. She is releasing the stored up energy that has been in a pressure cooker, you might say. And the humanity are stirring up, from that pressure cooker, as you see. It's showing its face. Yes? Before it was all inside, Mother Earth and humanity in a cocoon, because otherwise it will explode itself if there is no release. You see? We will not allow earth to blow up because we are part of you. We are part of the universe, as you are, so intervene we did. Many, many, many are working with earth on many different levels as you are. As many as you are from here, as human beings. But you are not alone. You have support and Mother Earth is reacting to what needs to happen.Shirlene:Do you believe that this will bring more love and kindness to the earth?Download the full show transcription.Category: Metaphysics & Science, LifestyleOccupation: Channel Of The GuardiansWebsite:#Speakers, #Coaches, #Healers, #entrepreneurs, #SellingThroughYourHeart, Shirlene Reeves, Maha Kury, #medium, #Business, #Sales, #MaximizeYourWealthNow, #MassiveVisibility, #authors, #TedTalks, #podcasts, #media, world chaos, #volcanos, #volcanoeruptions, #AscendedMastersAtWork, energyofyourthoughts, #spirituality, #earth, mother earth, #manifestation, #hurricanes, #earthdestruction

Ascended Masters at Work with Shirlene Reeves & Guest Denise Mange

Your Host Shirlene Reeves Shirlene begins the show by reflecting on how your behavior, in business, may be reflecting in your pet's behavior. In it she describes herself as a trainer in the show ring, with dogs flown in by their owners, for training and coaching into becoming champions. You'll be surprised at what she learned about the dog parents and how you can learn about your personal relationships with others through their dogs.Our guest on this show, Denise Mange, is a pet behaviorist, who works not only with typical dog training skills but incorporates life changing techniques such as meditation, chakra work, animal communication, sacred geometry, and pet numerology. She calls it, "Self help for your pet's sake."Listen in or download the pdf. Either way you'll find what you learn to be enlightening and life changing when looking into the eyes of your pets.Important HighlightsFind out the biggest fallacy in our worldDiscover how your dog's behavior relates to your own business and lifestyleGet the answer for overcoming aggressive dog behaviorLearn the tell-tale signs around you and leadership as seen through your the eyes of your petLook into identifying your limiting beliefs through pet companion behaviorLean into the answer for why training isn't enough and whyGet Michelle's Gift of Pet Insights: The Top 7 Things Your Pet Wants You To KnowVisit Michelle's website for online courses, workshops and free resources at PetPrana.comJoin us on social mediaAscended Masters Facebook Fan PageSubscribe on YouTube. Click the BELL for updates on new showsAscended Masters At Work Home Page Twitter: Help For Your Pet's SakeShirlene:Hello and welcome back, my friends. I'm so fortunate that you are here with me to discuss this really fun topic that I have for you today. It's all about our pets and our own personal behavior. Did you know that a lot of our very own limiting beliefs show up in our pets? For so many years I trained Manchester Terriers in the show ring. And in fact, I had the top-winning dogs in the nation. People would fly their dogs to me, I lived in Sacramento at the time, from all over the nation because they didn't know how to work with their dogs in a way that would create their championship. So that was my job. Well, not really a job. I kind of volunteered because most of them were my very own bloodline and came from the dog that I so adored at that time in my life and her name was Misty.She was the top winning brood bitch and the top winning Manchester Terrier. I had a wonderful time learning about dog behavior and I really saw a lot of challenges that came into my home after the dogs arrived off the planes. And I began to see what the individuals were like that own these dogs. And believe it or not, many times I had to tell them that they couldn't even come and watch while I had the dog in the ring, or they could only watch from afar. Because the many bad habits, that the dogs came with, were created by their parents. I thought, how can we parlay this into business and the science of relationships? The reality is it's very easy to do because we can read in the dog's eyes and the dog's behaviors exactly who their parents are. We can also see their limiting beliefs, their fears, and their sadness.I frequently say that we can't hide, on our faces, what we're feeling inside. it's just not possible. Our actions say exactly who we are in that moment. And of course, as you know, they can change very quickly. But it really helps you read a person when you're in business. If you look into their eyes, you can read what they're experiencing at that time. You can see their fears. You can see their grief. You can see, simply by how they act around you, who they are inside. So if you thought you've been hiding or trying to be invisible, it isn't happening. We can see right through you. We can pick up your energy just like we can with a dog or a dog can with us. And that's why so many dogs have difficulty with living in homes. It's because they don't have good leaders in their home.If their person is not a good leader, and their person doesn't know how to be a leader, so they have to take control. And that's not a fun thing when the dog takes control. Have you ever noticed that? So today I want to bring you this special person. I have so many people that want to be on my show. I have a lot of respect for all of them, but only some are that very special person that can give us a message that may change our lives. They are the ones who are connected to the universe and how the universe works. And that's why we call this show Ascended Masters At Work.The universe is what dictates our lives and how we live in it. It also has a big part of how we build relationships. And if truth be told, it also has to do with sales. Can you believe that? Because if you're going to be pushy and demanding and constantly hammering on people to buy, they're going to turn around and snap at you, just like a dog would, and reject you. But on the other hand, if you're loving, caring, kind and heartfelt, then of course they're going to be your new best friend.So let's talk to this wonderful person that I'm bringing on the show today and let me tell you a little bit about her first. I can tell you for sure that she knows exactly what I'm talking about because after a decade of working at some of the most prestigious advertising agencies in New York City, she left the Glitz and glamour of Madison Avenue to pursue a true sense of fulfillment, which she found working with dogs and they're humans. Upon certification, through traditional dog obedience training programs, she realized there had to be so much more that could be done to honor the connection between the loving pups and their humans.As a result, this very special person created her own mindful approach to living, connecting with, and training your dog. Her name is Denise Mange. And she has methods that foster true partnerships and heart centered connections that really deepened the compassion and understanding of the lessons your animal companions are here to share with you. And she uses such methods as meditation, Chakra work, animal communication, sacred geometry, and pet numerology in conjunction with the fundamentals of traditional obedience training. You can think of it as self help for your pet's sake. And I know you're going to love this because I loved talking to her when I interviewed her before the show. She is so insightful and so intuitive when it comes to pets. I think you'll be surprised at how much you'll learn in this show. So let me introduce you to Denise Mange.Hi Denise, I am so excited that you're here with us today because you have some insights that most people don't have at all. What I really love is that you work with the dogs in a way that not only provides regular obedience training, but also you get into their minds and you really think about what it is that they're thinking so that you can support them along with their owners. Now I'm just going to preface this by saying that down here in San Felipe, I think I shared with you that I work with 84 different dogs in the shelter here so that we can place them in homes and I think the biggest challenge that we have is supporting them in overcoming fear. So I'd like you to answer two questions. First of all, how did you start blending Chakra training in with the obedience training? What brought you to that?Denise: So Shirlene thank you so much for having me on your show, connecting with your listeners. This is just such a great opportunity and it's wonderful the work you do for our furry friends, so thank you so much for that aspect of your contribution to the animals. You know, it's a really interesting story. The way that I brought the chakras into the traditional dog training. We are at a point in time now where our energies are so interconnected and you know, we're at a place where we constantly have to look at things through a holistic picture, right? Think about the way we exercise or we eat. We're a lot more mindful than we used to be. You know, instead of doing like jazzercise, we're moving towards practices like yoga that gives you the, you know, the physical stimulation, but you're also dealing with the mental and spiritual aspects of yourself because we can no longer come from a place of separation. And so the same holds true for humans with their animal companions, right? Our energies are so intertwined that when you look at living, training, or connecting with your animal companion you can't separate traditional training from energy. And the way I came to realize that is, you know, I started with a background in advertising, which in retrospect was a fantastic way to learn more about energy and observation because advertising is all about picking up on trends and motivations and people's unmet needs.So when I decided advertising was no longer, um, career path I wanted to pursue and I moved into traditional training, I learned all the positive reinforcement techniques. So I learned how to teach a dog how to sit and stay and, you know, manage those unwanted behaviors like barking on leash. But what I started picking up on was that the training wasn't enough in a lot of circumstances. So if we did everything right, quote unquote, from a training standpoint. But we still didn't see shifts in the animal companions behaviors. I started picking up on the energetic trends behind the situation. So, you know, whenever I was called in for a dog with on leash reactivity, I started noticing that there was a lot of turmoil in the household. Um, maybe the pet parent was between jobs or they didn't feel secure in their relationship with their partner or their children. So I started realizing that we had to address a lot more than just the traditional aspect of training and that's where the shockers came in. With the chakras it was really quite fascinating because the chakras had been with me since high school. I grew up in Brazil, in Sao Paulo, so we're very adept at energy and talking about energies and we're very open to that part of life. So I actually became certified in a Reiki when I was in high school. So I learned all about the chakras and there are different themes and where they were located on the body. So as I started working with pet parents, more one on one and more closely, I started realizing that a lot of the universal themes associated with the human chakras started contributing to the pet behaviors. So in my work I created a beautiful roadmap that maps out pet behaviors against chakras and the universal themes they carry so that we can start more easily addressing the emotional component to your animal companions training.You know, Denise, I love something that you said and that is training isn't enough. I've found out in the shelter that there's so much more than just the training. There's building trust, there's overcoming fears, there's dealing with interactions with people and then there's dealing with interactions with dogs, other dogs. I have found that people are the same way when I'm trying to teach them how to get on media and really make an impact. All those same fears come up as what I see in the animals, which is kind of funny, and I think that the many years of dog show and training dogs has supported me in training the people, the business owners that I work with because it's all about the psyche before they can step into their role. Don't you agree?Denise:It is and you illustrated the point so beautifully that our animal companions are mirrors for our own energetic terrain and because they are some of our most intimate relationships in our lives. You know, they see us at our most joyful, at our most vulnerable. We open ourselves up to our animal companions in a way that we don't necessarily do around other humans for fear of judgment.Read more...Category: LifestyleOccupation: Pet Behavior TrainerWebsite:, #Coaches, #Healers, #entrepreneurs, #SellingThroughYourHeart, Shirlene Reeves, Michelle Mange, #Business, #Sales, #MaximizeYourWealthNow, #MassiveVisibility, Key elements for booking speaking opportunities, #PetPrana, chakras, #petBehavior, #dogs, #DogBehavior, #Dogtraining, #sacredgeometry, #pernumerology, #obedienceTraining, #chakratraining, #chakras

Ascended Masters at Work with Shirlene Reeves & Swami Tirtha

If you've always wondered how to connect and communicate with the universe intuitively it's a good think you landed here. You'll get a lot out of what this intuitive monk, who calls himself the Orange County Cowboy, can teach you. Both he and Shirlene reflect on the messages they've received, trusted in, and acted on that brought them to the life they lead today. "This is not brain surgery we're talking about here." says her guest, "Anyone can do it." And so can you.You Host Shirlene ReevesShow HighlightsDiscover the answer to developing your own intuitive connectionGet the one secret for how to connect that you can easily change right nowEmpower yourself intuitively to build successful relationships & a powerful businessLearn to shift your energy during tough times by practicing the Instant Invisible MeditationGet Swami's Gift: The Tibetan Bowls Sound Bath at OrangeCowboy.comJoin us on social mediaAscended Masters Facebook Fan Page: Masters Home Page: :Hello my friends, and welcome back to Ascended Masters At Work. We have quite a topic today that I think you'll find very interesting because so many come to me and say, "How in the world do I know how to talk to my angels? How can I connect with my intuition like you do to better my life?" And so we have some tips today on how to do that along with an awesome guest that does exactly what those who ask want to do.Here's my first thought on what I truly believe is important. Because I find myself resting more to regenerate and then create. My childhood was fraught with orders from my father of do, do, do, and I feel now that it's more important to work, rest, walk the beach and listen to the needs of my body in order to stay healthy and productive. Since my dad passed away in early May this year, I no longer feel the need to push and do, to feel worthy.The evaluation and judgments of my worth are no longer being criticized by my dad. He came from a generation that believed you had to be busy every moment. Do you have parents like that? You could never just sit in a chair and read or maybe you didn't want to take your robe off so early in the morning. You wanted to relax a bit and enjoy visiting before starting in with washing the dishes. But that was not to be in our household. We were not allowed to, what they call lollygag, and relax. That was not possible because we were always supposed to be doing. We were supposed to be getting something done every minute. I was literally judged by my doing-ness. And now I feel as though I can simply be in the quiet of spiritual connection. I can rest and regain the strength of my physicality. The challenge is the constant reminding of my brain that being is more important than doing.My being-ness brings about more creativity in the doing-ness. My being-ness brings peace. Where my dad's pushing and prodding, coupled with abusive correction, created fear and exhaustion physically. This is no longer my life today. And entrepreneurs come to me repeatedly and say, "I'm so tired. I don't know what to do. I'm flying here. I'm flying there. I'm speaking. I'm attending seminars. I'm writing a book I'm developing classes." But they never say I sat for an hour just being and feeling into my intuition so I know what I'm supposed to be doing. Well, our guest today is going to be talking all about how to feel into your intuition and he talks to his angels where I talk to spirit. And you can really talk to anybody you want to with regard to the universe or God or whatever it is that you want to call the higher being within you that is your guide.This gentleman we call the Orange County Cowboy. He is the host of his own TV show called Talking With Our Angels. He's the co owner of two TV networks; Guiding Star Veterans TV and Children's Success TV. So you know he is getting out there massively. He has a number one best selling book, Ayurveda Encyclopedia and he sold over 30,000 copies. His clients include the White House, Alternative Medicine Commission and John Hopkins University. This gentleman has more than 46 years teaching wellness and consciousness. He was born as a shaman, a healer, a channel, and a monk and he studies and teaches at the renowned Lilydale Mediumship Camp. And he wrote a screenplay, a copy about an earth angel and learning to listen to our hearts. Welcome Swami Tirtha to the show.Swami :Thank you so much, Shirlene. It's such a pleasure to be here talking to you about some groundbreaking topics.Shirlene:So you know how excited I am about having you because this is really a new idea of blending spirit and business. And I was wondering when you got started on your journey. How did it begin?Swami:For me, Shirlene, it started when I was about 10 years old, believe it or not. I began to get dreams at night that were, well they were disturbing dreams that I'd be separated from my parents. Over the next decade, I had different dreams, but they all had the same theme. Then when I was 17 years old my parents were in a car accident and they passed. I was separated from them. So obviously there was the grieving cycle and shortly after that I started to have this other thought which was how did I know this was gonna happen and who is telling me this? And I don't believe this is possible, but it just happened.I was in college at the time studying radio, TV and film, and there was a lecture on meditation. I went to the lecture and suddenly my priorities changed. I said, all right, forget radio, TV and film. I have to understand this thing that happened to me in this meditation is talking about it. Then I, even watching Star Trek. So I really delved into for the next five, six years, meditating around the world three hours a day, six hours a day teaching meditation and Yoga. So that's really where it all began and I just loved it so much and I could help other people with it as well.Shirlene:That is a really good, solid foundation for what it is that you're doing. To actually take the time to dive in to what you want to learn so that you can really make an impact in the world. And you've done that, Swami. I really appreciate what you've done. So tell me, you know, like I said, you had 46 years of teaching in the Wellness and consciousness field. What are the insights that you live by?Swami :Oh Wow. Well, that's a great question. I think the first one, and this is more in my later years. In the beginning years, the insights were meditate, eat healthy, you know, things like and they were almost like preaching at people. And now it's love yourself, be nice to yourself, take a breath, look around, get outside, start with love. And that's really as simple as it is. One working part.Shirlene:So you're saying we shouldn't just sit in front of our computers or noodle around on our phone and not focus on what it's like to live in our life. Is that right?Swami :That's right. And I'm talking to myself too, to be honest with you.Shirlene:We all work so hard and we do get stuck sometimes. But it's so good for us to get out and cleanse our soul with interactions with others.Swami:With others, with nature. I'm fortunate that I live up in the dairy country and I just have to step out on my front lawn and I just feel better. I just get reconnected and it's wonderful.Shirlene:I do the same thing. I live right on the beach of the Sea of Cortez and all I have to do is go out on my deck and breathe in the energy. I just absolutely love it. It really shifts the way I think about things. Really, we're all just one wave in a giant ocean and we're all together in this, aren't we?Swami:In the Sea Of Cortez.Shirlene:I love it. So when did you begin talking to angels?Swami:Well, you know, that's another funny thing because everybody has different terminologies. I used to talk to God more than anything else and then it just started to seem like God was saying to me, I'd like to introduce you to the family. And I started finding articles and cds about the angels. Driving down the road, listening to these cds I'd look up at the clouds and I could swear they looked like angels. You know whether or not all this was true, tickled my heart. I liked it and I felt good.What I like about angels is they're very gentle. They say, "Dear, would you like to do this?" As opposed to, "You better do this or you're going to be in trouble."Read more...Category: Metaphysics & Science, BusinessOccupation: Swami, TV Show HostWebsite:, #Coaches, #Healers, #entrepreneurs, #SellingThroughYourHeart, Shirlene Reeves, Swami Tirtha, #Business, #Sales, #MaximizeYourWealthNow, #MassiveVisibility, #Intuition, connecting with intuition, Key elements for intuitive connection, Orange County Cowboy, Talking With Angels, #Angels, #spiritual, #monk